I've been interviewed, by Melissa Todd, for Kaspaar Recordings. Click here to listen. 



New book - I remember the green gaze (published by Pith and Kin autumn 2018)

"In his latest poetry collection, Matt Chamberlain urges his readers to find the calm eye of the maelstrom, ushers them to safety, tries to make sense of life's cruel beauty without being quite reconciled to it. He has a list of things that defy death, including blackbirds and breezes that bring the lost home again. He hears the silences and pictures the improvements; he tastes the abundance of salt, the want of mustard. 'I remember the green gaze' is no easy flee to the green hills. The author is a man tired and a man restored by discovering the dock leaf – nature’s remedy against her own sting."



Other publications by or featuring Matt Chamberlain


Alice E. Wright trophy winner              H.E. Doust shield winner          Three time Poetry Pulse winner


Order early to ensure disappointment
Matt Chamberlain


He immediately captures a character, has a good

mobile voice with changes of pitch and power. . .
An excellent performance technically and artistically - 

wonderful start to the festival.

Jenny Thornton


This gentleman is somewhat brilliant.  The sound of
Alan Bennett nutting Mike Leigh.

Barry Fentiman-Hall

Matt is an elemental force on stage.

Guy Jordan

One of the only poems I've read recently that has impeccable flow. Excellent play with alliteration and assonance.

Jodie L



There aren't many who can evoke feelings and passion like he does without being pretentious.  He's real and normal and gives poetry a good name.

Louise Young


Exquisite way with words, expression and recreating a sense
of emotion. . . I love the way he addresses immense sadness as
part of human experience.  Brave and honest.

Rachel Lowrie


Delicate writing performed with such dynamic power, using his whole body. Matt's amazing diction and inhabitation of and commitment to the character is wonderful.

Kay Tucker

There is a breath-taking musicality about his work, a brutal, discordant, often conflicted rhythm, which echoes nature in its incessant repetitive beat. Watching him perform is exhausting. . . the candour and energy he brings to the stage leaves audiences giddy"

Melissa Todd

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